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Calculation of direct benefits from using timeflow service
Who already uses timeflow?
Retail & Telecom
Companies from across the globe with a wide network of stores, service points, and representative offices with a large number of employees appreciate an all-encompassing, easy, scalable service - timeflow.
Unbiased record of all employees and specialists as well as contractors at construction sites allows tracking of working hours and can also provide early indication of potential disruption to working time.
Digital companies
Modern companies, ready to implement high-tech solutions, use timeflow to automate the routine processes of tracking working hours.

timeflow helps companies with hourly pay automate payroll calculation and reduce staff supervision expenses.
Carriers and transport companies
Companies track working hours of remote/off-site employees, employees on business trips, and those who travel regularly as part of their work. Receive precise data on their location and time worked.
Cross-sectoral companies
Companies that have special requirements with respect to the working hours tracking system and, and who have not found a suitable solution for themselves in the market, have already seen the benefits of timeflow.
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