About us
The time-tracking service timeflow has been developed by ORBL Rus.

Our primary goal is to create a system for simple, yet accurate, time tracking and scheduling, convenient allocation of employees across working sites, and real-time presence monitoring across the globe.

We spent hundreds of hours discussing the most demanded features, interviewing dozens of representatives of small and large businesses from various industries, and prototyping our ideas — and eventually came up with a product that would be easy to use for any company, whether it's a tiny team of 5 workers or a huge corporation with up to 100,000 employees.

Our step-by-step efforts aim at creating a product that would comprise each and every tool to meet the needs of employers: flexible time management across teams, accurate accounting and reporting, and all-round assistance in decision-making. We work day after day developing timeflow and making it even more advantageous for you.
Our products implement the face recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to enable your business with additional growth opportunities for a better future
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