Work time management service
Face recognition for clocking in and out – an easy, precise, and safe tool for tracking hours of employees who work away from their desk
How to Use
Sign Up
Provide basic information to complete your registration.
Install the mobile app or use the web app.
Clocking in and out
Use the application to photograph the employee's face. The service will recognize the employee and prompt them to select one of the following options: start/finish/lunch.
Track online time punches, schedule discrepancies, and view reports.
No PIN, cards, QR codes, wristbands, or usernames/passwords required!
All you need to do to clock in or out is to look at the camera.
Create schedule templates for your company; set holidays, non-working days, and corporate events.
Manage your employees' working hours in personal schedules – add vacation time, days off, sick leave, etc.
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Employees clock in and out in client applications using face recognition technology. Monitor work activity in the office, on business trips, for remote workers and the activity of employees who work on the go.
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Reports on hours worked by employee, individual office, or the whole company - including individual staff schedules, tardiness and overtime hours, set filters, and rounding.
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Geographic coordinates of the employees' location are added when they clock in and out. Geographic coordinates make managing mobile teams easier – see to whom you can assign a new task based on their location and current tasks.
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Data exchange
Import sites and employee lists.
Export employees' time logs, lists of employees, and devices.
API for integration with other systems.
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A unique feature of timeflow is face recognition.
Employees can clock in and out without touching anything!
Just look into the camera, and after a second - "Your time has been recorded. Thank you."
Unbiased monitoring of employee working hours
using face recognition technology.
Who uses timeflow?
Companies with a vast network of customer service points.
Companies with hourly pay and field work at customer sites.
Companies with high labor costs.
Digital companies and innovators.
Those who tried other solutions and chose the most effective one – timeflow.
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Reduced labor costs.
Increased productivity.
Protection against timesheet fraud.
Automated data collection for payroll calculation.
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Precise and safe way of tracking working hours and breaks.
Manage work schedule online.
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